Friday, September 3, 2010

Muahaha.. Back from MIA.. xD

Have no idea anyone visit my blog anot though.. Cause I don't see anyone drop me a note when they come visit... =)

-Sigh- Getting more and more worried about whether I can be able to keep up with all the expenses I have.. Worry about my dad will sooner or later come and throw me an atomic bomb again.. I have lots of burden which I'm not willing to share with you.. But yet, you want to..

I don't know how much more you can tahan lor.. I think it's just a matter of time only la.. =) But I would prefer to still believe that you can.. I don't know what else may happen to our future route.. But one thing for sure, I am definitely not going to let you suffer with me.. I would rather die/suffer by myself than let you suffer with me.. Even if I have to do double/triple jobs.. I will do it..

Another thing is still clear to me is that.. Why KINKI LEE still can't be out of our relationship?! Why will she be pop-up at always the wrong timing? Or rather true, when I already since very long ago, don't know anymore things about her?

Guess.. It's time for me to go of the rope that has been tying you up so tightly ba.. =) I will let you do whatever you want from now on.. I will try my best to question about them..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPhone OS 4.0

Wee!! Have updated my phone to iPhone OS 4.0!! xD Having folders created.. xD Now my phone only got one home page! xD Lalalaa~

Shall go explore with the wallpaper settings etc.. xD Oh ya! If you guys haven't watched the Karate Kid(Cast: Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan) de.. Make sure you catch it.. It's nice.. xD Though I know roughly how the storyline goes.. Cause I watched the 1984 version before.. xD But it's nice.. Only that one is KARATE one is CHINESE KUNGFU... Muahaha.. xD

Today watch Toy Story 3 with ah bu, june and gang.. xD Okay.. Plus other IDA staff.. =x It will be fun.. xD

Friday, June 18, 2010

can't slp

For some unknown reason, recently I can't seen to slp even though I'm really beat and tired..

Now I'm playing maple private svr.. Hee.. Ytd spent about 5/6 hrs to lvl 193.. Tonight chiong again.. Si qiqi keep rebirth.. And after she rbs, she can lvl so damn fast la..

Ytd morning had HAY session with Clement.. Told him that I want to take up scholarship for Uni.. And asked him to help me write recommendation when the time is coming.. ^^

I like working here.. Everyone is more open and helpful than private sector.. Wahaha.. Or maybe it's just my thinking..

De-activated my fb account le.. So anyone of you want find me.. Either find me here, msn or my phone!! Muahaha..

Finishing up on scanned invoices.. Now i would need to upload them onto ivan's pr portal.. @.@ so hard.. His portal abit luan.. >.< later explore hao le.. ^^

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I noticed that I have changed after the breakup.. Changed to someone that I can hardly recognize myself..

I have become worse.. ^^ let's see whether I will revert back to my old self.. What a nice change I have.. Maybe I should make good use of this dark side of me.. Let's see how dark I can go..


I find out something.. Ppl really very weird.. xD Only regret when they lost it.. Made it so clear in the first place and then.. Come back and regret their decisions.. Why everyone have to do this? Why?

Now.. I'm full of debt.. HP Bills all together $500+.. Still got debts need to pay off.. Even though been not eating.. All these is what I get back.. xD After devoting myself.. In the end.. Sigh.. Should have listen to advices given.. (>.<)

You want me to settle things.. How I wish I can just disappear in everyone's life now.. Argh.. Damn it.. I'm just a nobody to anyone in the end.. Zzz! I hate my life now.. FUCK UP my life.. xD

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Muahaha.. I'm stopping myself from going to fb.. Going into fb.. Makes me go and look at what you are doing everytime.. It can't makes me forget about you.. It only make it worse.. =/ -Sigh-

Probably time will heal.. xD Let's wait.. xD Let's just go back to good friends.. xD Of all people, you suspect me.. When I thought you will be the one who will stand by me.. ^^

Hee.. Haven't recover from my sick sia.. xD Muahaha! Recover from my flu and fever le though.. xD Cough go away~~ Muahaha.. =X

Don't always think that people who smiles are really happy.. =D They might not be happy at all.. And hurt deeply yet hiding behind the smile.. =D

Time to go find some money and have my lunch.. xD Bank left $3.. xD Still got bills haven't pay! xD Nice.. Time to go off for lunch.. Boss chasing me for it.. -Faint-

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recently, don't know why so tired sia.. Plus my laptop really die le.. Damn sian can.. Want play sdo want use desktop.. But my house de internet damn cui! argh! shua+ halfway dc.. Make lose.. Argh..

Then make me don't want shua le.. sian la.. I miss my baobei very much sia.. One week can only meet her once in rl is killing me.. But I have to endure.. Ganbatte neh.. ^^

Everyday thinks of her.. Thinking of you has been my habit le.. ^^

Monday, May 3, 2010

Friday went for part time.. Then reach home about 415am on Saturday morning.. Woke up at 645am.. Prepare to meet my baobei and her mum to go Jb..

While waiting for 950.. =.=" The stupid auntie so damn noisy can.. @_@ Keep reporting that 950 is coming etc.. @_@ Saturday the crowd of ppl going into jb is so scary.. Wahaha! Partly is because of Labour day ba? =/

Should have taken a photo.. Haha! =/ Lalalaaa~ So bored at work man.. ^^ Strive hard for better future sia! CHIONG ah!

宝贝,我们在一起两个月了。真的希望你跟我在一起,你能过得幸福、快乐。没什么会比你的笑、你的快乐,来的跟重要。只要你真的会快乐,我什么都会去做。=D 我真的好爱你。